KREJ 101.7 FM and KSNS 91.5 FM

KREJ 101.7 FM and KSNS 91.5 FM

Christian radio serving South Central Kansas and Northwest Oklahoma

KREJ 101.7 FM

Keeping Ready Expecting Jesus

KSNS 91.5 FM

Keep Singing New Songs

KREJ and KSNS are listener supported Christian radio stations operating from Medicine Lodge, Kansas and serving south central Kansas and northwest Oklahoma. KREJ carries teaching programs, drama, local worship services, and a variety of Christian music. It operates on 101.7 FM at 50,000 watts. KSNS broadcasts contemporary Christian music on 91.5 FM at 96,000 watts. Area volunteers are an important part of both stations.

KRTT 88.1 FM

Keep Redeeming The Time

KNJT 90.3 FM

Kansas Needs Jesus Today

K300 97.1 FM

Woodward, Oklahoma

Feb. 2011 the Great Bend, Kansas, translator station was converted to a regular station, KRTT “Keep Redeeming The Time” at 1,000 watts on 88.1 FM. On Oct. 11, 2011 KNJT “Kansas Needs Jesus Today”, Coldwater, Kansas, began broadcasting at 1,000 watts on 90.3 FM. Both stations have no studio and broadcast KREJ programming. The Woodward, Oklahoma, translator station broadcasts KREJ at 97.1 FM.

Make a Donation Online

Our parent organization has an account with an online payment service. Click to make an online donation to KREJ / KSNS. Be sure to enter your donation amount in the box for KREJ. Note that the payment page return link will take you to the home page of the organization’s flagship station, WPIO, Titusville, Florida.

KREJ / KSNS Business Supporters

Our business underwriters give faithfully every month to help keep Christian radio on the air in south central Kansas and northwest Oklahoma. Please join us in expressing gratitude to:

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a business supporter; underwriting spots are available on both stations.

KREJ/KSNS people
Russell Oestereich, Gary Moore, Mike Henry, Larry Martin, and Allison Reed

Keep Praying

As most of you know by now, our studios were hit by lightning Oct. 12. About 80% of our equipment was damaged or ruined.

We are back on the air; KREJ is airing straight Moody network programming (see the pdf schedule), and KSNS is being broadcast directly from a computer. We are not able to use material from more than one source on either station at this time.

We continue to repair and replace damaged equipment; the amount that needs work is staggering. Praise God that no computer files were lost! Only one hard drive was not fully functional, and it was good enough to recover the files.

Please keep praying that God will help us in this process. The current studio setup has been put together gradually over many years. Now we have to fix everything in a relatively short time, and it’s a big job. Thank you for your prayers and for your patience!

A Wonderful Sharathon!

We are praising God for a wonderful Sharathon this year! The goal was $75,000 of listener support. We received pledges from 118 supporters totaling $83,147. Praise the Lord!

If you missed Sharathon, you may still pledge in either of the following ways:

  1. Fill out the pdf pledge form (requires Adobe Reader) and mail it to
    301 S. Main Street
    Medicine Lodge, Kansas 67104
  2. Use the online pledge form to email us your pledge.

Underwriting spots are available on both stations.

Thank you for being part of the solution!

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