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Coffee with Mike airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on KREJ and KSNS at 8:30 AM and re-airs on KREJ at 5 PM. Station manager Mike Henry shares Scripture, community birthdays, announcements, trivia, and station news, and discusses current events. He regularly writes a column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

7-1-19 Intimacy

I heard a statistic the other day that made me smile. Research consistently shows that conservative Christian women have the most satisfying sex life in their marriages. The reason is simple. Committed Christians seek to do things God’s way. Sex is a wonderful gift from God designed for procreation and pleasure in marriage. Sex outside of God’s design is simply asking for trouble.

My wife and I married while still in Bible college, which was not uncommon. Get this: the never-married dean of women actually cautioned the young wives not to distract their husbands from their pastoral studies. My response: “You better hope these young preacher boys get distracted by their wives, or they might get distracted by someone else.” I felt like quoting her Proverbs 5:18-19.

St. Paul was never married, but God gave him some great counsel in I Cor. 7:2-5,

… let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband. Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, and likewise also the wife to her husband. … Do not deprive one another except with consent for a time, that you may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again so that Satan does not tempt you …

Someone has wisely said that sex begins in the kitchen. Men, your wife might be in the mood more often if you were affectionate and helped out around the house. Ladies, don’t overuse the too tired and headache excuses. Love isn’t selfish. Red-hot passion is great, but we know that long-term success requires some effort.

Of course this earthly experience of marriage will one day give way to the heavenly as the Church becomes the Bride of Christ in the kingdom to come (Rev. 21:2). None of this egalitarian nonsense. Christ is the head of the Church and Savior of the body (Eph. 5:23). We joyfully and reverently submit to His authority. That’s how we experience blessing and intimacy with the Lord.

6-24-19 The Raptors

A loud cheer came from my man cave last Monday night as the Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors for their first ever NBA Championship.

I was happy for my Canadian kids, who live in the Toronto area. My son-in-law Jon (who, by the way, you can hear preach every 3rd Sunday at 9 AM on KREJ) has taken me to see Blue Jays and Argonauts games. We’ll now have to take in a Raptors game, if we can afford the tickets.

Another reason to celebrate is our own Wichita State guard Fred VanVleet, who played a major role in the victory. We knew he was good, but we didn’t know that he could not only play, but star at an NBA championship level. I like what he said in a postgame interview after scoring 12 crucial points in the 4th quarter, “Kawhi Leonard can’t take all the shots.” Fred knows that when other players are covered, he must take the open shot. Great role players can take up the slack when the star players aren’t having their best game. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Finally, I like the lack of cockiness from the Raptor players. Kawhi Leonard, the superstar leader, is a completely unassuming guy, and I think he sets the tone for the rest of the team. Cocky superstar athletes can be entertaining, but it’s nice to see a truly humble one once in a while.

Now that basketball is over, I guess I’ll watch Hallmark movies with the wife until football season rolls around.

6-17-19 Bob Christensen

I was sad to learn of the passing of my good friend Bob Christensen. He was a truly Christian lawyer (we need all of them we can get) and always tried to live up to his theme verse, Micah 6:8. Bob did a lot of good for a lot of people, myself included. He was a long-time supporter of KREJ/KSNS. He was never ashamed of the Gospel and would often use his many opportunities to point people to Christ.

My wife and I were privileged to do the premarital counseling for Bob and Cindy many years ago. We knew right away that God was going to bless and use this couple in a wonderful way. They wanted to build their lives, family, and ministry on the sure foundation of God’s Word.

Our unbelieving friends wonder how we can keep our faith in the face of such tragedies. I like Peter’s response in John 6:68, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” There’s nowhere else to turn; the world sure doesn’t have the answer. What we do know about the love of God in Christ Jesus causes us to trust Him for what we don’t know. As Dr. Wiersbe would often remind us, “we live on promises, not explanations.”

We do know that a sovereign God allows natural and man-made disasters in this fallen world and that Christians are not exempt. Either way, we can glorify God, whether in life or in death, and that’s what Bob did.

Well done, my friend; we’ll see you up there. Cindy, you feel the loss more than anyone; may God’s grace be sufficient.

6-10-19 Born that Way

The “I was born that way” excuse for sinful behavior needs a little Christian scrutiny. It’s true that we’re all born with a fallen sin nature that we inherited from our parents through Adam and Eve. But God also gave us a free will through which we can choose. This simply means that we are sinners by birth and by choice, and so without excuse. That’s Christian Theology 101. I could bury you with Scripture if you like.

If we allow the LGBT folk to use the “I was born that way” excuse for sin, then we must allow everyone else to use it regarding their particular sin. The result being that no one is really responsible for their behavior; it’s all just basic evolutionary instinct at work. What a hopelessly fatalistic view of life. In other words, you are what you are with no hope for change.

By contrast, the Gospel of Jesus Christ offers glorious hope and change for lost sinners. In Christ all our sins are forgiven and we receive a new nature that loves God and desires to walk in His righteousness. This overcoming power that our Lord Jesus so wonderfully demonstrated is now available to us by grace through faith. Hallelujah!

Someone has well said, “To just be yourself is the worst advice you can give most people.” We don’t want to see the old you (or me) justifying and excusing sin; we want to see the new you, in Christ loving God and obeying His commandments. After Jesus forgave the woman taken in adultery, He told her to go and sin no more, not go and sin some more. Grace is not license.

Sorry I got a little preachy, but I was born-again that way and can’t change.

Check out: Ro. 5:18-19, James 1:14, II Cor. 5:17, I Jn. 2:8-9

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